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About the forest cadastre

The cadastral delimitation of the forest fund is the basic work through which the borders between the forest fund and the other specialized cadres or owners are identified, measured on the land, materialized and formalized.

  • The identification of the land which constitutes the national forestry fund is based on the forestry arrangements.
  • The limit of the forest fund is considered to be the one represented on the basic topographical plans at 1: 5000 or 1: 10000 scale, on which the planning limits used for the forestry arrangements are transposed.

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Whether you need to set the boundaries of your building, or you plan to build a house, a hall, a block of flats, a road, a bridge, you need topographic measurements.

Our goal is to reproduce (in the form of plans, point clouds, BIM) as accurately as possible the reality on the ground and the most accurate drawing of technical projects in the field.

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