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Why monitor the movement of the construction?

The current monitoring of the construction involves the observation and registration of aspects, phenomena and parameters that may signal changes in the capacity of the construction to meet the requirements of strength, stability and durability.

  • you can intervene in time with consolidation works in case the construction moves: vertical (compacted), horizontal (undergoes rotations);
  • we can monitor both the construction subject to investment and the neighboring constructions, resulting in reports and graphs with the evolution of each;
  • we monitor the construction based on a project, prepared by a structure designer in close collaboration with the surveyor specialist.

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+40 767 104 330


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Whether you need to set the boundaries of your building, or you plan to build a house, a hall, a block of flats, a road, a bridge, you need topographic measurements.

Our goal is to reproduce (in the form of plans, point clouds, BIM) as accurately as possible the reality on the ground and the most accurate drawing of technical projects in the field.

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