Piata Sfatului Scanare 3D

3D laser scanning measurements

Are the fastest, most accurate and most efficient way to obtain complete information in digital format (collecting millions of points in seconds), with applicability in various fields:

  • scanning civil or industrial constructions, historical monuments;
  • works of art and roads (bridges, viaducts);
  • reverse engineering;
  • archeological excavations;
  • video games: creating the 3D environment;
  • forestry: useful in finding the diameters, the heights of the trees but also in determining the topography of the lands;

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Laser scanning

2D topographic plans, 2D and 3D surveys, sections - roads, constructions;
BIM (Building information modeling) - can be used during the entire life cycle of a construction: design, construction and management;
3D topographic plans - DEM (digital elevation mode) or DTM (digital terrain model)
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Advantages of Using Scanning Technology


  • Collecting millions of points in seconds, with an accuracy of a few millimeters;

Cost control

  • If the time spent for measurement decreases, so does the cost and here we do not refer only to the saved working hours.
  • Inaccurate measurements of objectives may result additional costs in the implementation of projects, with equipment rental, working hours, additional materials and project delays.
  • By laser scanning, design teams can effectively plan and prevent these costly disruptions.

Time management and necessity of few staff involved

  • It has been shown that laser scanning significantly reduces the time required to represent the objectives to be scanned, by capturing millions of points per second. With a laser scanner it can be done in one day what a team of 2-3 people would do in a week.


  • Remote work flexibility and connectivity, teams of engineers / architects can work together no matter where they are located in the world, having access to the smallest details and complexities of objectives, thus reducing on-site visits and expenses travel.
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Whether you need to set the boundaries of your building, or you plan to build a house, a hall, a block of flats, a road, a bridge, you need topographic measurements.

Our goal is to reproduce (in the form of plans, point clouds, BIM) as accurately as possible the reality on the ground and the most accurate drawing of technical projects in the field.

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