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Topgis Engineering

About us

Our teams perform topographic measurements, both from the ground and from the air, we use topographic drones, 3D laser scanners, total stations and GNSS equipment.

10 years experience

During all this time we have expanded our expertise using high-performance technologies, drones or scanners designed to increase the degree of efficiency and accuracy of measurements.

Our values

Transparency in decisions, promptness and efficiency are the core values ​​that define our company.

Certified team

The Topgis Engineering company is authorized by the National Agency for Cadastre and Real Estate Advertising to execute cadastral, geodesy and surveyor works in Brașov, class III.
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Topgis Engineering

  • High-performance technologies
  • Quality services
  • Passion and professionalism
  • Effective measurements

Liviu Stoica

Co-Founder/ Topographer Engineer

Radu Ionică

Co-Founder/ Topographer Engineer

Topgis Engineering

Our Services

Topgis Engineering supports homeowners, real estate developers, heritage authorities and construction companies.

Are the fastest, most accurate and most efficient way to obtain complete information in digital format (collecting millions […]

The flight is performed with a quad copter drone (UAV – unmanned aerial vehicle) – with the help of which images […]

The cadastral delimitation of the forest fund is the basic work through which the borders between the forest […]

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It is very important for us to have satisfied customers of our work who will recommend us further.



Topgis Team


Whether you need to set the boundaries of your building, or you plan to build a house, a hall, a block of flats, a road, a bridge, you need topographic measurements.

Our goal is to reproduce (in the form of plans, point clouds, BIM) as accurately as possible the reality on the ground and the most accurate drawing of technical projects in the field.


Our portfolio

Our portfolio contains some of the projects carried out by the Topgis team during the activity. Our passion and professionalism are found in each project.

The numbers speak for us


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Photogrammetric projects & 3D scanning


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Bihorului Street, no. 2, bl. 17, sc. A, ap. 1 Brașov


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